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Social at Conferences

It’s inevitable, every time we go to a conference, convention or seminar there are hundreds if not thousands of people to meet. Just like the Internet has provided information overload, attending a conference can lead to relationship overload. The difficulty is finding a way to maintain those relationships over time. Fortunately, the onset of technology […]

Shift Happens – Social PR

Shift happens, and it will continue to do so. The social web is enabling the consumer power, and if your company doesn’t manage their brand online – someone will. As everything becomes more transparent, brands are being pushed to consistently do the right thing and engage with their fans, followers and communities to participate in […]

Is Your Approach To Marketing “Upside Down?”

Here’s the opportunity. The Internet has opened the door to a wide variety of interest and consumer behavior. There are too many interaction opportunities for consumers to choose from with your business or your competitors to quickly rule out any of them. If a business owner doesn’t have the tools to capitalize on how consumers […]

How to Use Linked in for Business Networking

Building business relationships is hard enough in real life, but the big question in B2B is, “How can I use social media to accelerate my professional development?”. Below, I’ve outlined 5 ways on how to use LinkedIn for business networking and building and managing your professional relationships. 1. Connect before the rest – Impress Anyone […]


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