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Wearbles, Privacy and Grumpy Cat: More Cabbage Highlights their Top Moments from SXSW Interactive 2014

It’s been nearly a month since the More Cabbage team ventured deep in the heart of Texas to the 2014 SXSW Interactive Conference. The team divided and conquered sessions in order to obtain the most innovative and discussed industry topics. It wasn’t easy to battle through the crowds of hipsters or power walk across 15+ […]

Using Trust to Bring About a Harvest in Your Business Relationships

I am not an avid gardener, but I do know there are key ingredients that are necessary for a plant to grow and survive. For one, growth cannot happen in a plant’s life unless ample nutritious soil is available to spread its roots in. The same is true in business relationships. In the selling cycle, the […]

Understanding Your Customers: The Ugly Truth to Build Trust

I was 15 years old when I started working as a cashier for a local, family-owned business called the Sunflower Shoppe. Seven years at this store helped me learn the ins and outs of customer service and truly understand what it meant to serve others. We all know that a “service” is the action of helping […]

6 Tips for Becoming a 2014 Social Media PR Rock Star

Three, two, one… it’s New Year’s resolution time! And what better time than the start of a new year to get your social media sites rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ in 2014? So clean up the confetti, pop the balloons and read on for tips on how to become a social media PR Rock Star this year: 1. […]

Trouble in Paradise! Are Google Hummingbird and Search Engine Optimization Headed for Splitsville?

Picture this scenario: You’re at a train station in cyberspace and you ask someone for the time… Former Google Algorithm: “The time? Oh, why certainly! Let us join together and embark on a journey to the land of magical timepieces. Come with me on this train of informative destiny and endless possibilities. We shall gallop […]

Social Media Legalities: Does SB-568 Carry Weight Outside California?

Before we get started, let me quickly introduce myself. I’m Isaac Stipp, recently married to my beautiful wife Hulda, current intern at More Cabbage and looking forward to weighing in on the influential, industry-related topics of today. Senate Bill No. 568 (SB-568) was recently signed in California and raised question to the importance of social […]

If These Dogs Could Tweet: Social Media Through the Eyes of your Pup

While at the dog park, I realized that dogs could just as well engage the social media posts I see online. In the realm of Social Media PR, everyone has their own style of utilizing and engaging the online world. Some are more predictable than others and some are more annoying. We all have the […]

Five 2013 Social Media Truths that Executives Must Know from a Social Media Strategists’ Diary

Executives like these brief so here we go: 1. Companies are building for the long haul. Here’s an article that gives an example that social media strategists’ efforts have long-lasting effect. 2. Execs will be kicking themselves in a few years having not invested in Social Media Strategy. Is your company losing market share […]

Manning Sibling Rivalry at its Finest: Instagram vs. Vine

Instagram versus Vine, Vine versus Instagram, Instagram > Vine, Vine > Instagram…that’s been the talk of the social media town for the past few weeks and honestly, I’m so over it! Instagram and Vine, owned by rival companies Facebook and Twitter, are doing what every business does; compete. With the recent success of Vine, Instagram […]

More Cabbage Needs New Sproutlets

We are seeking a few new seeds to plant around the office for the fall! The Social Communications Intern reports directly to the Social Communications Manager and will work closely with other team members to deliver on social media marketing and PR initiatives. It is a mentoring program where I personally invest time and coaching to […]