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The Race Against Time: Setting Expectations for Lead Development in Digital Marketing

It’s a Saturday in January 2016 during the National League Football playoffs. The Green Bay Packers have just a few seconds left to score a touchdown against the Cardinals that will equalize the game, giving them a chance to advance to the National League playoffs and then the Superbowl. Jason Rogers receives the snap, avoids […]

The Art of Instagram for Business

How using Instagram can help your company’s brand excel. Instagram, a hub for the traveling hipster, “iPhone only” user who creates an image that makes us feel like we’re not living life enough. At least that’s what a lot of users see, right? The fact is, Instagram is a great platform for businesses to grow […]

A Very Special Father’s Day Message

Here at the Cabbage Patch we want to give honor where honor is due. This week as we celebrate fathers and father figures, we want to give honor to one of our very own, Bruce Knight. His dedication to his family and to all of us here at More Cabbage is worthy of acknowledgement. What […]

What I Didn’t Know About Social PR…

As a Marketing major coming into a social PR atmosphere, I’m noticing how social media is tearing down the walls between traditional marketing, advertising, and public relations. While they can be used together, the biggest difference I’ve noticed since starting my internship with More Cabbage is the intention. If advertising had a chant, it would […]

Why Organic Reach is on Life Support (and how you can fight back)

I heard someone say a few weeks ago, “Organic reach isn’t dead, but it’s definitely on life support.” And this really got me thinking. As digital marketers, we’re always looking for ways to get our clients’ content to stand out. But if it’s true that only 1-2 % of your audience on Facebook is seeing […]


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