These days, our clients manage content on their own sites, and a many of them have us assist in keeping the content fresh for them. Without knowing how to code HTML, a CMS gives you access to update your site. It’s as easy as filling out an online form, or using Microsoft Word.

Our More Cabbage Content Management System (CabbageCMS) is based on the open API of the WordPress platform, winner of the 2009 Best CMS, which is further modified to handle your content, branding, SEO, media and integration with social media technologies.

Note: The CabbageCMS is included with all of our blog-style builds.

Common features of each Cabbage CMS-powered site usually include:

  • Manage Users, Comments, Site Traffic
  • Add/Edit/Delete Navigation, Categories and Sub-Links
  • Add/Edit/Delete Content, Links and Formatting
  • Add/Edit/Delete Media such as photographs, flash and video
  • Add/Edit/Delete blog posts and event articles
  • Create permanent links for SEO specific to each page
  • Develop SEO keyword phrases specific to each page

And much more. Ask for a demo »